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Welcome to ELTESS EMERGING LEADERS, Nigeria’s premier online Knowledge Center. Boasting a huge collection of thousands of great books and articles, and with a membership base spread across the nation, we have two major goals: Self Development and Enterprise Development.


You probably wondered “Who offers free IPADS or a trip to the USA? Is anything really free?” Well honestly nothing is free, but for a fact, our members receive these benefits and more.

In this elite group, members’ leadership abilities are currently being rewarded with great prizes when they attain the following ranks before January 31st 2012:

  • Novice leader in 7 days of signup to win a remote controlled rechargeable bulb.
  • Bronze Leader to win a free Blackberry phone.
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  • Gold leader to win a free Trip to the United States of America (For 20 members)
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What do they do to qualify? You are about to find out. Let us begin.

At 51 years old and with trillions of naira in annual oil sales, Nigeria is a rich country with very poor people, rotten infrastructure, tens of millions of unemployed young people and corruption. Yet if there is a country capable of unleashing itself from poverty and underdevelopment, it is Nigeria. But why haven’t we achieved that. It’s simply because Nigerians haven’t awaken to the fact that:

  • The world is in the knowledge economy.
  • Individuals are makers of their own destiny.
  • The self (mind) must be tended to for you to be successful.

Nigerians must realise the importance of knowledge to the growth of the economy and themselves. There is so much energy trapped in Nigerians waiting to be utilised. But energy in itself is useless. It must be harnessed by the right kind of knowledge, most of which are hidden in books!

It’s a fact that Knowledge and application of principles from a single book can transform your life forever. For instance, do you wish for financial freedom and self actualisation? It won’t just come to you. You need to study to find out what wealthy individuals do to succeed. So where do you begin? With reading! Reading makes you stand on the shoulders of great men to see the world!

That is the true purpose of this group. Our main aim is to popularise the reading culture and enhance human capital development in Nigeria! We offer two great benefits:

1. We supply our members with a huge collection of books so they can develop the mindset of great leaders and entrepreneurs.

2. We offer them the opportunity create great wealth for themselves.

Consequently, was born. By joining its online community, you gain access to a huge knowledge centre for emerging leaders consisting an astonishing compendium of self development Books and articles, required to develop an individual’s capacity to achieve great success as an individual and an entrepreneur.

Some of the over 30 categories include:

  • Negotiating & Persuasion
  • Forex Trading
  • Amassing wealth
  • Business management
  • Effective Communication
  • Profitable online businesses
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Public Speaking
  • Many more

The compendium also includes a premium selection of books that expose businesses you can start right now to begin to funnel hundreds of thousands of Naira into your account monthly with little capital. We also include lots of bonuses and freebies.

This entire package is worth at least N1 million. However the goal is to empower Nigerians, so for a Limited Time we are giving away Lifetime access to this elite group and our amazing collection for a one-time membership fee of just N6,499!

Yes you heard right, just N6,499. And this includes future additions to our ever increasing library. You also qualify to receive bonuses and money making ideas from time to time.

Leader’s club wealth opportunity!

We reward members’ leadership ability to influence others to join our elite group of

readers. We want you to start making money as quickly even while learning, so we pay out a generous N3,500 (53.8%) of members access fee to our emerging leaders through 7 levels of leadership for inviting other leaders to subscribe.

Here is how it works:

When you sign up, you get access to download our entire vast collection. For each new leader that signs up in your team we pay you N500 naira and also 500 for the leaders they invite down to 7 levels.

For instance when you sign up your 5 new leaders, you earn N2500, when your five leaders sign up their own 5 each, we pay you N12,500. See the illustration below for your full potential earnings as you grow as an influential leader.


NOVICE - 5 LEADERS = 500 x 5 = N2500

CAPABLE - 25 LEADERS = 500 x 25 = N12,500

SENIOR - 125 LEADERS = 500 x 125 = N62,500

BRONZE- 625 LEADERS = 500 X 625 = N312,500

SILVER - 3125 LEADERS = 500 X 3125 = N1,562,500

GOLD -15,625 LEADERS = 500 X 15,625 = N7,812,500

DIAMOND - 78,125 LEADERS = 500 X 78,125 = N39,062,500

TOTAL = 48,827,500

See the big picture? By inviting just 5 of your friends into our Leader’s club, you stand to make a whopping N48.8M!


Visit our FAQ Section to learn how you can attract hundreds of members.

You really have nothing to lose. By joining this elite group of readers, you not only better yourself intellectually, you have a real opportunity to get very rich very quickly!

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To summarise, here’s what you get from a megacasfiles membership:

1. eBooks revealing Highly profitable internet businesses (With Resale Rights)

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Your membership will be activated within 24hrs after payment confirmation.

For enquiries Check our FAQ section on the site or send us an email Tel: 08037880608, 08059803700,08127299420, 08127289500